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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018A novel non-isolated active charge balancing architecture for lithium-ion batteriesRäber, Manuel; Hink, Dominic; Heinzelmann, Andreas; Abdeslam, Djaffar Ould
29-Mar-2017Active charge balancing in lithium-ion battery systemsRäber, Manuel; Ould-Abdeslam, Djaffar
2015Active charge balancing in lithium-ion battery systems and its benefitsRäber, Manuel; Heinzelmann, Andreas; Täschler, Adrian
2019Analysis of a three-phase AC chopper with high power factor for the use in “PV-to-Heat” applicationsRäber, Manuel; Heinzelmann, Andreas; Oliapuram, Jimmy
2015Beneficial effects of active charge balancing in lithium-ion battery systemsRäber, Manuel; Heinzelmann, Andreas; Täschler, Adrian
2017Li-Ion cell-to-cell active balancing battery management system for 2nd life applicationsRäber, Manuel; Ramirez Acosta, Andres Fernando; Heinzelmann, Andreas; Zoller, Michael
2013Literaturstudie über die Erfolgsfaktoren und Hemmnisse bei der Umsetzung von Energieeffizienzprojekten für KMU : Zwischenbericht Projekt Negawatt statt MegawattEymann, Lea; Räber, Manuel
2008Microfabrication and test of an integrated colloid thrusterShea, Herbert; Krpoun, Renato; Räber, Manuel
24-Jan-2019New active charge balancing methods and algorithms for lithium-ion battery systemsOuld-Abdeslam, Djaffar; Heinzelmann, Andreas; Räber, Manuel
2017Performance estimation of a cell-to-cell-type active balancing circuit for lithium-ion battery systemsRäber, Manuel; Abdeslam, Djaffar Ould; Heinzelmann, Andreas; Ramirez Acosta, Andres Fernando
2016PV Batteriespeicher im Test : Untersuchung von Speichersystemen im TeillastbetriebRäber, Manuel; Heinzelmann, Andreas; Büchi, Alexander
2015WindRail : a modular system to produce building based electricity from wind, pressure difference, and solar radiationHeinzelmann, Andreas; Räber, Manuel