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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Global trends and current status of commercial urban rooftop farmingBühler, Devi; Junge, Ranka
2019Green wall for greywater treatment : literature review and wall designJunge, Ranka; Stutz, Erich; Balducci, Andrea
Mar-2018Hydroponic systems and water management in aquaponics : a reviewMaucieri, Carmelo; Nicoletto, Carlo; Junge, Ranka; Schmautz, Zala; Sambo, Paolo, et al
2013Hydrothermal carbonization as an energy-efficient alternative to established drying technologies for sewage sludge : a feasibility study on a laboratory scaleEscala, Marina; Zumbühl, Thomas; Koller, Christoph; Junge, Ranka; Krebs, Rolf
2013Hydrothermal carbonization of organic material with low dry matter content : the example of waste wheyEscala, Marina; Graber, Andreas; Junge, Ranka; Koller, Christoph; Guiné, V., et al
2015Immunomodulation by zearalenone in carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)Pietsch-Schmied, Constanze; Junge, Ranka; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia
2019Influence of pH change on the phosphorus cycle in aquaponicsGartmann, Florentina; Schmautz, Zala; Junge, Ranka
2013Integrating aquaponic technology into the citiesJunge, Ranka
May-2017Microbial diversity in different compartments of an aquaponics systemSchmautz, Zala; Graber, Andreas; Jaenicke, Sebastian; Goesmann, Alexander; Junge, Ranka, et al
2001Naturnah klärenJunge, Ranka; Graber, Andreas
2013Null-Energie-Null-Emissions-Häuser in Südkorea : fünf Pilotprojekte aus der Metropolregion SeoulHodgson, Petra; Junge, Ranka
7-Mar-2018Nutrient management in aquaponics : comparison of three approaches for cultivating lettuce, mint and mushroom herbNozzi, Valentina; Graber, Andreas; Schmautz, Zala; Mathis, Alex; Junge, Ranka
2016Nutrient supply of plants in aquaponic systemsBittsánszky, András; Uzinger, Nikolett; Gyulai, Gábor; Mathis, Alex; Junge, Ranka, et al
2015On the aquaponic corner section of our journal : editorialKomives, Tamas; Junge, Ranka
2016On the sustainability of aquaponicsKönig, Bettina; Junge, Ranka; Bittsánszky, András; Villaroel, Morris; Komives, Tamas
Oct-2016Physiological responses of carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) to dietary exposure to zearalenone (ZEN)Pietsch-Schmied, Constanze; Junge, Ranka
2001Possibilities and limits of wastewater-fed aquaculturesJunge-Berberović, Ranka
2016Potential for combined biocontrol activity against fungal fish and plant pathogens by bacterial isolates from a model aquaponic systemSirakov, Ivaylo Nikolaev; Lutz, Matthias; Graber, Andreas; Mathis, Alex; Staykov, Yordan, et al
2013Potential of algae turf scrubbers (ATS™) for elimination of phosphorus from swimming pondsGraber, Andreas; Leiblein, Thomas; Refardt, Dominik; Junge, Ranka
2014Preliminarni monitoring akvaponicnega sistema v biotehniskem centru NakloPodgrajsek, Barbara; Schmautz, Zala; Krivograd Klemenčič, Aleksandra; Jarni, Klara; Junge, Ranka, et al