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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
26-Aug-2020Environmental implications caused by disruptive business models for service life extension of mobile devicesJattke, Marleen; Itten, René; Stucki, Matthias; Keller, Regula
Sep-2020Environmental implications of service life extension of mobile devicesJattke, Marleen; Bieser, Jan; Blumer, Yann; Itten, René; Stucki, Matthias
20-May-2020Extending the lifetime of mobile devices to reduce their environmental impact : a glimpse on the project LIFESAVINGJobin, Marilou; Külling, Céline; Jattke, Marleen; Blumer, Yann
2021From bandages to buildings : identifying the environmental hotspots of hospitalsKeller, Regula; Muir, Karen; Roth, Florian; Jattke, Marleen; Stucki, Matthias
12-Apr-2021How life cycle–based science and practice support the transition towards a sustainable economyStucki, Matthias; Jattke, Marleen; Berr, Marcus; Desing, Harald; Green, Ashley, et al
15-Sep-2022Repair services and their rebound effectsItten, René; Jattke, Marleen; Bieser, Jan
2022Soziale Auswirkungen in der Produktionsphase von SmartphonesItten, René; Jattke, Marleen; Chryssolouris, Dimitri
29-Jun-2020Sustainable business models to extend the lifetime of mobile internet-enabled devicesJattke, Marleen; Itten, René; Stucki, Matthias
7-Sep-2021Using blockchain to change the way we manage life cycle data for coffee supply chainsJattke, Marleen; Itten, René; Stucki, Matthias; Ortiz Perez, Carlos Manuel; Kanyange, Nadine