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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015A differentiable characterization of local contractions on Banach spacesHefti, Andreas
2011Attention competitionHefti, Andreas
Aug-2020Competitive attention, superstars and the long tailHefti, Andreas; Lareida, Julia
2018Confusion, polarization and competitionHefti, Andreas; Schmutzler, Armin; Liu, Shou
2016Distributional comparative statics with heterogeneous agentsHefti, Andreas
2018Does personalized information improve health plan choices when individuals are distracted?Kaufmann, Cornel; Müller, Tobias; Hefti, Andreas; Boes, Stefan
2017Equilibria in symmetric games : theory and applicationsHefti, Andreas
2019Faires Verfahren beim Zugang zu geschlossenen Märkten des Bundes : Studie im Auftrag des Staatssekretariats für WirtschaftAbegg, Andreas; Hefti, Andreas; Seferovic, Goran; Gruenseis, Julia; Schafroth, Simone
Nov-2018Limited attention, competition and welfareHefti, Andreas
2016Mental capabilities, trading behaviour, and asset bubbles : theory and experimentsHefti, Andreas; Heinke, Steve; Schneider, Frederic
2015On the economics of superabundant information and scarce attentionHefti, Andreas; Heinke, Steve
2016On the relationship between uniqueness and stability in sum-aggregative, symmetric and general differentiable gamesHefti, Andreas
2017Pricing in theory and practice : combined application of price discrimination and prospect theory compared to an example in practiceHefti, Andreas; Egger, Nicolas
2009Revising the Salop-equilibrium in the case of attention restricted consumersHefti, Andreas
2015Spillovers in sports leagues with promotion and relegationDietl, Helmut; Grossmann, Martin; Hefti, Andreas; Lang, Markus
2019Supply function competition with asymmetric costs : theory and experimentHefti, Andreas; Shen, Peiyao
2016Symmetric stability in symmetric gamesHefti, Andreas
2016Targeted information and limited attentionHefti, Andreas; Liu, Shuo
2020Targeted information and limited attentionHefti, Andreas; Liu, Shuo