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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2005New catalysts for ROMPBerke, Heinz; Frech Nabold, Christian M.; Blacque, Olivier; Adlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2011Observation of binuclear palladium clusters upon ESI-MS monitoring of the Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling catalyzed by a dichloro-bis(aminophosphine) complex of palladiumAgrawal, Divya; Schröder, Detlef; Frech, Christian M.
2010[Pd(Cl)2{P(NC5H10)(C6H11)2}2] - a highly effective and extremely versatile palladium-based Negishi catalyst that efficiently and reliably operates at low catalyst loadingsBolliger, Jeanne L.; Frech, Christian M.
2010Pincer-type Heck catalysts and mechanisms based on PdIV intermediates : a computational studyBlacque, Olivier; Frech, Christian M.
2008Processes involved in the reduction of a cyclometalated palladium(II) complexFrech, Christian M.; Leitus, Gregory; Milstein, David
2010P Csp3 P and P Csp2 P palladium(II) hydride pincer complexes : small structural difference-large effect on reactivityGerber, Roman; Fox, Thomas; Frech, Christian M.
2008Rationally designed pincer-type Heck catalysts bearing aminophosphine substituents : PdIV intermediates and palladium nanoparticlesBolliger, Jeanne L.; Blacque, Olivier; Frech, Christian M.
2004Reactions of [Re(NO)2(PR3)2][BArF4] complexes with phenylacetyleneFrech, C. M.; Llamazares, A.; Alfonso, M.; Schmalle, H. W.; Berke, H.
2010Reactions within molecular single crystals of inorganic and organometallic compounds : recent advances and implications for catalysisFrech, Christian M.
2009Reactivity of cationic dinitrosyl bisphosphine rhenium complexes toward acetylene : base-controlled product formationFrech, C. M.; Llamazares, A.; Blacque, O.; Schmalle, H. W.; Berke, H.
2005Redox-induced collapse and regeneration of a pincer-type complex framework : a nonplanar coordination mode of palladium(II)Frech, Christian M.; Shimon, Linda J. W.; Milstein, David
2007Short, facile, and high-yielding synthesis of extremely efficient pincer-type Suzuki catalysts bearing aminophosphine substituentsBolliger, Jeanne L.; Blacque, Olivier; Frech, Christian M.
2009Suzuki cross-coupling reactions catalyzed by an aliphatic phosphine-based pincer complex of palladium : evidence for a molecular mechanismGerber, Roman; Blacque, Olivier; Frech, Christian M.
2010The 1,3-diaminobenzene-derived aminophosphine palladium pincer complex {C6H3[NHP(piperidinyl)2]2Pd(Cl)} : a highly active Suzuki-Miyaura catalyst with excellent functional group toleranceBolliger, Jeanne L.; Frech, Christian M.
2009Transition metal-free amination of aryl halides : a simple and reliable method for the efficient and high-yielding synthesis of N-arylated aminesBolliger, Jeanne L.; Frech, Christian M.
12-Apr-2006Unprecedented ROMP activity of low-valent rhenium-nitrosyl complexes : mechanistic evaluation of an electrophilic olefin metathesis systemFrech Nabold, Christian M.; Blacque, Olivier; Schmalle, Helmut W.; Berke, Heinz; Adlhart, Christian, et al
2009Unsaturated Rh(I) and Rh(III) naphthyl-based PCP complexes : major steric effect on reactivityFrech, Christian M.; Shimon, Linda J. W.; Milstein, David
2010Water soluble phosphine rhenium complexesMaccaroni, Elisabetta; Dong, Hailin; Blacque, Olivier; Schmalle, Helmut W.; Frech, Christian M., et al