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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015A classification framework for predicting components' remaining useful life based on discrete-event diagnostic dataFink, Olga; Zio, Enrico; Weidmann, Ulrich
2017Assessment of maintenance strategies for railway vehicles using Petri-NetsEisenberger, Daniel; Fink, Olga
2017Cluster analysis of condition monitoring dataFink, Olga; Jenni, Lukas; Nguyen, Hong Son; Ponnudurai, Nirujan; Subbiah, Subanatarajan, et al
2018Combined fault location and classification for power transmission lines fault diagnosis with integrated feature extractionChen, Yann Qi; Fink, Olga; Sansavini, Giovanni
2017Deep feature learning network for fault detection and isolationMichau, Gabriel; Thomas, Palmé; Fink, Olga
2016Deep health indicator extraction : a method based on auto-encoders and extreme learning machinesHu, Yang; Palmé, Thomas; Fink, Olga
2015Development and application of deep belief networks for predicting railway operations disruptionsFink, Olga; Zio, Enrico; Weidmann, Ulrich
2017Fault detection based on signal reconstruction with Auto-Associative Extreme Learning MachinesHu, Yang; Palmé, Thomas; Fink, Olga
2015Fuzzy classification with restricted Boltzman machines and echo-state networks for predicting potential railway door system failuresFink, Olga; Zio, Enrico; Weidmann, Ulrich
2016Maximal information-based nonparametric exploration for condition monitoring dataHu, Yang; Palmé, Thomas; Fink, Olga
2016Online sequential extreme learning machines for fault detectionHu, Yang; Fink, Olga; Palme, Thomas
2017Prognostics and health management in railwaysDersin, P.; Alessi, A.; Lamoureux, B.; Brahimi, M.; Fink, Olga
2016Two machine learning approaches for short-term wind speed time-series predictionAk, Ronay; Fink, Olga; Zio, Enrico
Sep-2014Vorausschauende Instandhaltung der Eisenbahnsysteme mit Hilfe der künstlichen IntelligenzFink, Olga; Weidmann, Ulrich