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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020Luxury ecosystems : towards a new modus operandi for high-end brands in a changing world of luxuryDuma, Fabio; Studer, Pirmin
1-Feb-2017Management der persönlichen Interaktion im Verkauf : eine Untersuchung am Beispiel von Schweizer LuxusuhrenherstellernBelz, Christian; Reinecke, Sven; Duma, Fabio
2018Management der persönlichen Interaktion im Verkauf von Luxusgütern : eine Untersuchung am Beispiel von Schweizer LuxusuhrenBelz, Christian; Reinecke, Sven; Duma, Fabio
2020Mastering the digital transformation as a heritage luxury fashion brandDuma, Fabio; Labati, Florence; Brunetti, Gianluca; Gadgil, Maya
2018Omnichannel – die Luxusmodebranche vor der Herausforderung zwischen Haptik und TechnologieDuma, Fabio; Brunetti, Gianluca
2021Pivots in the luxury business : discovering the new luxury consumer through social dataBendoni, Wendy K.; Duma, Fabio
2021Second hand luxury : consumer motivations behind the purchase of pre-owned luxury goods : the case of luxury watchesBaumann, Yves; Duma, Fabio
2014Der Service Encounter als "Moment of Truth" : die Besonderheit der persönlichen Kunden-Mitarbeiter-Interaktion beim Verkauf von Luxusuhren verstehenDuma, Fabio
2017Social Media communication of consortia in the Italian agro-food sector : case study of the Aceto Balsamico di ModenaDuma, Fabio; Graf, Christian Olivier; Rroco, Sisi
2015The business of luxuryDuma, Fabio; Hallier Willi, Christine; Steinmann, Cary
2017The identity of independent niche luxury brands : differentiating characteristics and the role of authenticityDuma, Fabio; Popcsev, Mark
2016The management of luxury brand behavior : adapting luxury brand management to the changing market forces of the 21st centuryDuma, Fabio; Hallier Willi, Christine; Nguyen, Bang; Melewar, T.C.
2018The rise of independent niche luxury brands in the era of masstigeDuma, Fabio; Gadgil, Maya
2021There is no such thing as the millennial : a cross-cultural analysis of luxury and prestige perception among young people in Switzerland and South KoreaPedrazzi, Camilla; Duma, Fabio; Gadgil, Maya