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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020Satisfaction with informal volunteering during the COVID-19 crisis : an empirical study considering a Swiss online volunteering platformTrautwein, Stefan; Liberatore, Florian; Lindenmeier, Jörg; von Schnurbein, Georg
2016Das Schweizer Spitalwesen : Eine Managementperspektive, Edition 2016 - 2017Angerer, Alfred; Hollenstein, Eva; Liberatore, Florian
2019Sensitive to critical incidents : the development and validation of the Swiss CSI-HC : a client satisfaction measure for homecare services in SwitzerlandHollenstein, Eva; Schmelzer, Sarah; Liberatore, Florian
2016Spread the word : a replication and theoretical extension of a Word-of-Mouth model of consumer behavior with regard to the context of HIV prevention campaignsBrand, Tim; Liberatore, Florian; Hollenstein, Eva; Angerer, Alfred
2016Still lost in transformation? : a literature review on the scientific support of lean health care transformationsAngerer, Alfred; Liberatore, Florian; Brand, Tim
Jul-2020Task Shifting in der inter-professionellen ZusammenarbeitSchmelzer, Sarah; Hollenstein, Eva; Stahl, Johanna; Wirz, Markus; Huber, Marion, et al
2018Temporärkräfte in der Pflege : flexibel und nur wenig teurerBrand, Tim; Liberatore, Florian; Meyer, Alain
Nov-2017The balance of patient and learners needs in non-profit, public and for-profit teaching hospitals : an analysis of average patient satisfaction ratings of hospitals on a German hospital rating platformLiberatore, Florian; Angerer, Alfred; Kriech, Sarah
2013The challenge of the unknown : the effect of pay-what-you-want on the market success of publicly subsidized filmsDrevs, Florian
2019The development and validation of the Swiss CSI-HC : a client satisfaction measure for homecare services in SwitzerlandHollenstein, Eva; Schmelzer-Kriech, Sarah; Liberatore, Florian
2013The effect of framing on the choice of co-payment policies, reducing moral hazard and post-choice-evaluationDrevs, Florian; Tscheulin, Dieter K.
2016The impact of sanction fear on prosocial intentions using the example of clinical trainingAngerer, Alfred; Liberatore, Florian; Hollenstein, Eva
2020The impact of task shifting on perceived working conditions and interprofessional collaboration of health professionals : evidence from implementing two task shifting in a Swiss hospitalSchmelzer, Sarah; Hollenstein, Eva; Huber, Marion; Nast, Irina; Wirz, Markus, et al
Oct-2014The patient perspective of clinical training : an empirical study about patient motives to participateLiberatore, Florian; Gebele, Christoph; Tscheulin, Dieter
2019The relevance of citizen co-creation for the effectiveness of public health campaigns : results from the evaluation of a HIV prevention campaign in SwitzerlandLiberatore, Florian; Schmelzer, Sarah; Angerer, Alfred
6-Feb-2020Value-Based Healthcare Management : die Umsetzung von Value-based Healthcare in der PraxisLiberatore, Florian
11-Jun-2020Value-Based Healthcare Management – die Umsetzung des Konzepts Value-Based Healthcare in der Praxis Teil 3 : wie uns die Marketing-Denkweise bei der Umsetzung von Value-Based Healthcare Management hilftLiberatore, Florian
19-Mar-2020Value-Based Healthcare Management – Teil 2 : zentrale BausteineLiberatore, Florian
2016Verbindung zweier Welten : die Schnittstelle zwischen Spital und KrankenversichererAngerer, Alfred; Liberatore, Florian; Mussak, Pirmin; Schmidt, Robin; Zeier Röschmann, Angela, et al
2020Wearable technology acceptance in health care based on national culture differences : cross-country analysis between Chinese and Swiss consumersYang Meier, Dong; Barthelmess, Petra; Sun, Wei; Liberatore, Florian