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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
7-Jul-2022Mycotoxins reduction strategies to reintroduce grain side product streams into the food value chainAndré, Amandine; Freimüller Leischtfeld, Susette; Mischler, Sandra; Hecht, Katrin; Stäheli, Luca, et al
May-2019Novel post-harvest treatments of cocoa and the influence on flavor properties of the products produced thereofSchlüter, Ansgar; Hühn, Tilo; Rohn, Sascha; Chetschik, Irene
2019Novel time- and location-independent postharvest treatment of cocoa beans : investigations on the aroma formation during “moist incubation” of unfermented and dried cocoa nibs and comparison to traditional fermentationSchlüter, Ansgar; Hühn, Tilo; Kneubühl, Markus; Chatelain, Karin; Rohn, Sascha, et al
5-Dec-2022Novel time- and location-independent postharvest treatment of cocoa beans : “moist incubation” of unfermented and dried cocoa nibsSchlüter, Ansgar; Hühn, Tilo; Kneubühl, Markus; André, Amandine; Chatelain, Karin, et al
2022Occurrence of zearalenone and enniatin B in Swiss wheat grains and wheat floursAndré, Amandine; Müller, Nadina; Chetschik, Irene
2020Processing cocoa with water : new insights into aroma formationChetschik, Irene, et al
21-Dec-2021Release of important chocolate odorants by water : comparison of traditionally manufactured chocolate to chocolate manufactured by a novel processing technologyUllrich, Lisa; Neien, Silva; Chatelain, Karin; Kneubühl, Markus; Hühn, Tilo, et al
Nov-2019Rhabarbersaft als biologische Möglichkeit der Enzymkontrolle bei der Herstellung von ApfelsäftenHäfele, Martin; Flüeler, Thomas; Gerber, Oliver; Chetschik, Irene; Casty, Bettina, et al
2-Jun-2022The influence of cocoa bean variety on the flavour properties of dark chocolates : comparison of the molecular flavour composition of selected small batch chocolates to chocolates produced of cocoa reference liquors with defined flavour propertiesChetschik, Irene
2022Use of molecular networking to identify 2,5-diketopiperazines in chocolates as potential markers of bean varietyAndré, Amandine; Casty, Bettina; Ullrich, Lisa; Chetschik, Irene