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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2012Dependability in a world of cloudEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Marti, Christof
2013Dependability modeling framework : a test procedure for high availability in cloud operating systemsBenz, Konstantin; Bohnert, Thomas
2017Deployment of virtual network functions over multiple WAN interconnected PoPsCarapinha, Jorge; Bonnet, Jose; Parreira, Bruno; Silva, Joao; Trajkovska, Irena, et al
2017DISCO: Distributed Computing as a ServiceMeszaros, Balazs; Harsh, Piyush; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2016Efficient exploitation of mobile edge computing for virtualized 5G in EPC architecturesEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2015Elastic scaling of cloud application performance based on Western Electric rules by injection of aspect-oriented codeBenz, Konstantin; Bohnert, Thomas M.
2014End-to-end cloudification of mobile telecomsEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2015Experimental evaluation of the cloud-native application designBrunner, Sandro; Blöchlinger, Martin; Toffetti Carughi, Giovanni; Spillner, Josef; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2012From bare metal to cloudEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Marti, Christof
Nov-2018Hera Object Storage : a seamless, automated multi-tiering solution on top of OpenStack SwiftHöppli, Remo; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Militano, Leonardo
2014Impact of pacemaker failover configuration on mean time to recovery for small cloud clustersBenz, Konstantin; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2013Internet of services : telecommunication services evolutionSorano, Javier; Heitz, Christoph; Hutter, Hans-Peter; Fernández, Rafael; Hierro, Juan J., et al
2015MCN : beyond NFVEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Toffetti Carughi, Giovanni
2013Mobile cloud networking : mobile network, compute, and storage as one service on-demandJamakovic, Almerima; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Karagiannis, Georgios
2017Monetization of infrastructures and servicesSkoviera, Martin; Harsh, Piyush; Serhiienko, Oleksii; Perez Belmonte, Manuel; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2019Monitoring resilience in a rook-managed containerized cloud storage systemBaumann, Louis; Benz, Stefan; Militano, Leonardo; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2013Notes on the future internetBohnert, Thomas Michael; Edmonds, Andrew; Marti, Christof
2013Open standards in the cloudEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Marti, Christof
2014Real-time streaming in the cloud can increase the provider's profit and the P2P users' benefitTrajkovska, Irena; Harsh, Piyush; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Salvachua, Joaquin
2014SDN enabled QoS provision for online streaming services in residential ISP networksTrajkovska, Irena; Aeschlimann, Philipp; Marti, Christof; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Salvachua, Joaquin