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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
31-Jul-2019Measurement system and method for characterizing tissueBonmarin, Mathias; von Schulthess, Patrick; Fahrni, Simon; Gründler, Tobias; Künzli, Pascal, et al
12-Jun-2018Method for characterizing particles producing heat exposed to light and device for carrying out the methodGeers, Christoph; Bonmarin, Mathias; Fink, Alke; Monnier, Christophe
2019Minimally-invasive method for the point-of-care quantification of lymphatic vessel functionPolomska, Anna K.; Proulx, Steven T.; Brambilla, Davide; Fehr, Daniel; Bonmarin, Mathias, et al
18-Dec-2019Photonically-activated molecular excitations for thermal energy conversion in porphyrinic compoundsZhao, Yuan; Lin, Jou; Kundrat, David M.; Bonmarin, Mathias; Krupczak, John, et al
13-Aug-2020Rapid and sensitive quantification of cell-associated multi-walled carbon nanotubesSteinmetz, Lukas; Bourquin, Joel; Barosova, Hana; Haeni, Laetitia; Caldwell, Jessica, et al
18-Aug-2020Rational design of a fluorescent microneedle tattoo for minimally invasive monitoring of lymphatic functionBabity, Samuel; Polomska, Anna K.; Couture, Frédéric; Bonmarin, Mathias; Fehr, Daniel, et al
13-Mar-2019Sample holder and lock-in thermography system with suchMonnier, Christophe; Bonmarin, Mathias; Crippa, Federica; Fink, Alke; Geers, Christoph
2017Skinsure : eine neue Methode zur Bestimmung der thermalen Eigenschaften der HautBonmarin, Mathias
2016Thermal Imaging in DermatologyBonmarin, Mathias; Le Gal, Frédérique-Anne
2018Thermography : high sensitivity and specificity diagnosing contact dermatitis in patch testingAnzengruber, Florian; Alotaibi, Fayez; Kaufmann, Lilian S.; Ghosh, Adhideb; Oswald, Martin R., et al
2019Ultra-simple wearable local sweat volume monitoring patch based on swellable hydrogelsZhao, F. J.; Bonmarin, Mathias; Chen, Z. C.; Larson, M.; Fay, D., et al