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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2017Co-designing field experiments with cities : promoting energy-saving showerheadsSeidl, Roman; Stauffacher, Michael; Tomic, Uros; Moser, Corinne; Blumer, Yann
2020Contested futures : how scenarios and expectations shape the energy transitionStauffacher, Michael; Bresch, David; Blumer, Yann; Braunreiter, Lukas
7-Feb-2018E-bike trials’ potential to promote sustained changes in car owners’ mobility habitsMoser, Corinne; Blumer, Yann; Hille, Stefanie Lena
2020E-Scooter Sharing - Analyse von Geschäftsmodellen : eine qualitative InhaltsanalyseBlumer, Yann; Cipriani, Giuseppe
19-May-2016Energieversorger im WandelCometta, Claudio; Blumer, Yann
Sep-2020Environmental implications of service life extension of mobile devicesJattke, Marleen; Bieser, Jan; Blumer, Yann; Itten, René; Stucki, Matthias
2016Exploring how expectations of the future energy system shape individuals’ energy political attitudesBlumer, Yann; Moser, Corinne; Gregorowius, Daniel
16-Mar-2020Exploring the role of positive direct experience in the adoption of energy efficient technologies : evidence from a Swiss field study on the promotion of low-flow showerheadsTomic, Uros; Moser, Corinne; Blumer, Yann; Stauffacher, Michael; Seidl, Roman, et al
20-May-2020Extending the lifetime of mobile devices to reduce their environmental impact : a glimpse on the project LIFESAVINGJobin, Marilou; Külling, Céline; Jattke, Marleen; Blumer, Yann
28-Jun-2016Förderung von energiesparendem Verhalten in Städten durch Nutzung von VereinenBlumer, Yann; Moser, Corinne
2014Eine Frage der Perspektive : Energiesicherheit in der Debatte um die Schweizer EnergiezukunftBlumer, Yann Benedict; Lilliestam, Johan; Moser, Corinne; Seidl, Roman
2015From risk to vulnerability : the role of perceived adaptive capacity for the acceptance of contested infrastructureMoser, Corinne; Stauffacher, Michael; Blumer, Yann B.; Scholz, Roland W.
2016Getting started on a car diet : assessing the behavioural impacts of an e-bike trial in SwitzerlandMoser, Corinne; Blumer, Yann; Hille, Stefanie Lena
2015How cities can foster local action in energy efficiency by utilizing middle actors : insights from a Swiss case studyBlumer, Yann; Wemyss, Devon; Moser, Corinne
2020How the public imagines the energy future : exploring and clustering non-experts’ techno-economic expectations towards the future energy systemBraunreiter, Lukas; Stauffacher, Michael; Blumer, Yann Benedict
2015Indicators of innovation : empirical insights into activities, challenges and strategies of Swiss energy sector start-upsWemyss, Devon; Blumer, Yann
2017Kommunale Interventionen und Kampagnen zur Förderung von energiesparendem Verhalten : Erkenntnisse aus dem Forschungsprojekt «Förderung von Energiesparendem Verhalten in Städten» des Nationalen Forschungsprogramms NFP 71Moser, Corinne; Blumer, Yann; Seidl, Roman
2019Making more of middles : advancing the middle-out perspective in energy system transformationJanda, Kathryn B.; Reindl, Katharina; Blumer, Yann; Parag, Yael; Wade, Faye
2016Mehr Engagement für weniger EnergieBlumer, Yann
1-Aug-2014More than costs : on the fit between solar and renewable electricity policy motivations and energy system modelsLilliestam, Johan; Blumer, Yann; Geddes, Anna; Späth, Leonhard; Van Vliet, Oscar