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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
22-Mar-2022Cross-cultural differences in consumers' attention to food labelsHo, Kenneth Fu Xian; Liu, Fang; Tarabashkina, Liudmila; Volery, Thierry
2017Entrepreneurial leadership : insights and directionsLeitch, Claire M; Volery, Thierry
Jan-2018Entrepreneurs as parents : the antecedents and consequence of parenting stressBoz Semerci, Anil; Volery, Thierry
2019Longitudinal investigation on personality traits and mental health relationships : the mediating role of work-family interference and enhancementSemerci, Anil; Volery, Thierry
2018Managing paradoxes and tensions : a key element of entrepreneurs’ leadership behaviourVolery, Thierry; Mueller, Susan
2020Managing the paradox : individual ambidexterity, paradoxical leadership and multitasking in entrepreneurs across firm life cycle stagesKlonek, Florian E.; Volery, Thierry; Parker, Sharon K.
2020Marketing innovation : a systematic reviewPurchase, Sharon; Volery, Thierry
2021Masterpieces of Swiss entrepreneurship : Swiss SMEs competing in global marketsJeannet, Jean-Pierre; Volery, Thierry; Bergmann, Heiko; Amstutz, Cornelia
Feb-2018Organisational factors, anticipated rents and commercialisation in SMEsDo, Hang; Mazzarol, Tim; Soutar, Goeffrey N.; Volery, Thierry; Reboud, Sophie
15-Jun-2022Predicting new venture gestation outcomes with machine learning methodsKoumbarakis, Paris; Volery, Thierry
15-Sep-2020Social support and life satisfaction among entrepreneurs : a latent growth curve modelling approachAlshibani, Safiya Mukhtar; Volery, Thierry
2020The impact of founder’s regulatory focus on the process of firm birth and firm abandonmentKoumbarakis, Paris; Bergmann, Heiko; Volery, Thierry
2021The impact of organisational support, employee creativity and work centrality on innovative work behaviourVolery, Thierry; Tarabashkina, Liudmila
2022The impact of resource base on performance : success factors of Swiss energy and environmental startupsMarchand, Christina; Volery, Thierry; Wagner, Alexander
2022The impact of the big five personality variables on self-employment survivalVolery, Thierry; Mattes, Jochen
2022The job satisfaction trajectory during entrepreneurship entry and beyondAlshibani, Safiya Mukhtar; Volery, Thierry; Kristoffersen, Ingebjorg