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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018Between regionalisation and centralisation : the implications of Russian education reforms for schooling in TatarstanMüller-Suleymanova, Dilyara
2018Creative cultural production and ethnocultural revitalization among minority groups in RussiaSuleymanova, Dilyara
2017Dschihadismus online : narrative Strategien, Herausforderungen für muslimische Organisationen und Stossrichtungen für PräventionsprojekteMüller, Dominik; Müller-Suleymanova, Dilyara; Eser Davolio, Miryam
2017Enacting the contested past : conflict narratives in educational spacesLaketa, Suncana; Müller-Suleymanova, Dilyara
2020Engaging with the country of origin and its past amongst second-generation youth of Bosnian descent in SwitzerlandMüller-Suleymanova, Dilyara
Oct-2019Engaging with the homeland and remembering the past among second generation Bosnians in SwitzerlandMüller-Suleymanova, Dilyara
11-Sep-2020“I am something that no longer exists…” : longing for Yugoslavia among the youth of ex-Yugoslav descent in SwitzerlandMüller-Suleymanova, Dilyara
2018'I'm only half!' : schooling and strategies of belonging among adolescents from minority ethnic backgrounds in RussiaSuleymanova, Dilyara
29-Jul-2015Islam as moral education : madrasa courses and contestation of the secular in the Republic of Tatarstan, RussiaMüller-Suleymanova, Dilyara
2015Islamic education, youth and local religious revival in post-soviet Tatarstan, RussiaMüller-Suleymanova, Dilyara
2017Muslimische Organisationen in der Schweiz im Spannungsfeld der Debatte um religiös begründete RadikalisierungMüller-Suleymanova, Dilyara; Müller, Dominik
2020Pedagogies of culture : schooling and identity in Post-Soviet Tatarstan, RussiaMüller-Suleymanova, Dilyara
2017Spannungsfelder im Umgang mit dem Phänomen dschihadistischer Radikalisierung im Schweizer Kontext : ein neues Handlungsfeld für die Soziale Arbeit?Eser Davolio, Miryam; Müller-Suleymanova, Dilyara; Müller, Dominik
2020The meanings of the difficult past : homeland conflict and second-generation youth in SwitzerlandMüller-Suleymanova, Dilyara; Scherer, Mareike