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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2021Applications of blockchain technology in marketing : a systematic review of marketing technology companiesStallone, Valerio; Wetzels, Martin; Klaas, Michael
2019Do not hate the players : the digital advertising ecosystem and its actorsStallone, Valerio
2020Do not trust me : how news readers perceive and recognize native advertisingStallone, Valerio
2021Ephemeral social media content : remember after seeing instead of burn after readingStallone, Valerio; Koller, Sandro
2020Esports sponsorship : an empirical examination of esports consumers’ perceptions of non-endemic sponsorsHüttermann, Marcel; Trail, Galen T.; Pizzo, Anthony D.; Stallone, Valerio
2019Komplexität und Dynamik im Marketing : Swiss Marketing Leadership Studie 2019Heierli, Reto; Furchheim, Pia; Hannich, Frank; Rüeger, Brian; Crowden, Catherine, et al
2019No ad blockers for old men? : demographic evidence for ad blocker usage from GermanyStallone, Valerio
10-Mar-2021Now you see me : a quantitative study on the effects of ad blocker usage on users’ brand perceptionStallone, Valerio; Rozumowski, Anna; Pelka, Amelie; Reisig, Dominik; Pankratz, Claire
2020Perception and recognition of native advertisingStallone, Valerio
2022Swiss Consumption System : Befragung zum Stand von nachhaltigem Konsum in der SchweizFurchheim, Pia; Heierli, Reto; Stallone, Valerio; Greschner, Ines Maria
2020The application of blockchain technology in loyalty programsStallone, Valerio; Collenberg, Anja; Rüedlinger, Andreas; Wetzels, Martin; Klaas, Michael
2020The digital advertising conceptual flow : a literature reviewStallone, Valerio
2020The digital advertising ecosystem : status quo, challenges and trendsGusic, Nema; Stallone, Valerio
Apr-2019The digital advertising ecosystem vizualisation : literature reviewStallone, Valerio; Klaas, Michael
24-Sep-2021Video production and distribution platform in Swiss sports teams : an analysis of acceptance and willingness to payHüttermann, Marcel; Haefliger, Fabian; Stallone, Valerio