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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
21-Aug-2023Analyzing decision-making in blockchain governanceSchädler, Lukas; Lustenberger, Michael; Spychiger, Florian
2019Anwendung der Blockchain-Technologie im VertragsmanagementSpychiger, Florian; Weiss, Manuel
1-Dec-2020Applying distributed ledger concepts to a Swiss regional label ecosystemMalešević, Saša; Lustenberger, Michael; Spychiger, Florian
3-Jul-2019Blockchain als Grundlage des InformationsaustauschesLustenberger, Michael; Spychiger, Florian
2023Decentralizing project management by a DAO : a first attemptMartignoni, Jens; Spychiger, Florian; Lustenberger, Michael; Lehner, Patrick
2022Decision-making in blockchainsSpychiger, Florian; Lustenberger, Michael
16-Aug-2021Ecosystem readiness : blockchain adoption is driven externallyLustenberger, Michael; Malešević , Saša; Spychiger, Florian
2022Incentivizing data quality in blockchain-based systems : the case of the digital cardossierSpychiger, Florian; Tessone, Claudio J.; Zavolokina, Liudmila; Schwabe, Gerhard
2018Incentivizing data quality in blockchains for inter-organizational networks : learning from the digital car dossierZavolokina, Liudmila; Spychiger, Florian; Tessone, Claudio; Schwabe, Gerhard
2021Leitfaden Blockchain in der kantonalen Verwaltung ZürichZavolokina, Liudmila; Spychiger, Florian; Schwabe, Gerhard
2019Optimierung des Supply Chain Informationsaustauschs mit Blockchain-StartupsLustenberger, Michael; Spychiger, Florian; Taylor, Michael
2021The miner's dilemma with migrationLi, Chuanyun; Spychiger, Florian; Tessone, Claudio J.
26-Dec-2022The miner’s dilemma with migration : the control effect of solo-miningLi, Chuanyun; Spychiger, Florian; Tessone, Claudio J.
Oct-2020The tree of blockchainSpychiger, Florian; Tasca, Paolo; Tessone, Claudio
2020Towards a better understanding of the value of blockchains in supply chain managementLustenberger, Michael; Spychiger, Florian; Malešević, Saša
13-Jan-2021Unveiling the importance and evolution of design components through the “tree of blockchain”Spychiger, Florian; Tasca, Paolo; Tessone, Claudio J.