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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
25-Jul-2022Artificial intelligence controlled cooperative arm prostheses : what do the users say?Frey, Sara; Spiess, Martina; Graf, Eveline; Ould Abdeslam, Djaffar; Dyer, Linda, et al
2016Clinical application of robotics and technology in restoration of walkingEsquenazi, Alberto; Maier, Irin; Aurich Schuler, Tabea; Beer, Serafin; Borggraefe, Ingo, et al
Mar-2011Comment on "Restoration of walking function in an individual with chronic complete (AIS A) spinal cord injury"Spiess, Martina; Schuld, Christian
Feb-2012Computer implementation of the international standards for neurological classification of spinal cord injury for consistent and efficient derivation of its subscores including handling of data from not testable segmentsSchuld, Christian; Wiese, Julia; Hug, Andreas; Putz, Cornelia; van Hedel, Hubertus J. A., et al
Nov-2009Conversion in ASIA impairment scale during the first year after traumatic spinal cord injurySpiess, Martina R.; Müller, Roland M.; Rupp, Rüdiger; Schuld, Christian; van Hedel, Hubertus
Jul-2022Detecting cooperative hand movements based on electromyographic data : a proof of concept studyGraf, Eveline; Touait, Ayoub; Haas, Michelle; Spiess, Martina; Klamroth-Marganska, Verena, et al
27-Jul-2022Empowering young augmentative and alternative communication-users in their transition into adulthoodSpiess, Martina; Hübscher, Iris; Hohenstein, Christiane; Gantschnig, Brigitte
May-2008Evolution of tibial SSEP after traumatic spinal cord injury: baseline for clinical trialsSpiess, Martina; Schubert, Martin; Kliesch, Uta; Halder, Pascal
31-Aug-2022Gemeinsam junge Menschen ermächtigen : wie Linguistik und Ergotherapie zusammenspannenHübscher, Iris; Spiess, Martina; Hohenstein, Christiane; Gantschnig, Brigitte
2018Getting the best out of advanced rehabilitation technology for the lower limbs : minding motor learning principlesSpiess, Martina Rebekka; Steenbrink, Frans; Esquenazi, Alberto
12-Sep-2022Implementation of user-centred design for an AI-controlled cooperative arm prosthesisFrey, Sara; Spiess, Martina; Graf, Eveline; Ould Abdeslam, Djaffar; Dyer, Linda, et al
2017Intensity : what rehabilitation technology can add to the subjectSpiess, Martina Rebekka; Colombo, Gery
Jan-2014Long-term facilitation of ventilation in humans with chronic spinal cord injuryTester J., Nicole; Fuller, David D.; Fromm, Jason S.; Spiess, Martina R.; Behrman, Andrea L., et al
Jul-2012One-year evolution of ulnar somatosensory potentials after trauma in 365 tetraplegic patients : early prediction of potential upper limb functionKuhn, Fabian; Halder, Pascal; Spiess, Martina Rebekka; Schubert, Martin
2017Retraining walking adaptability following incomplete spinal cord injuryFox, Emily J.; Tester, Nicole J.; Butera, Katie A.; Howland, Dena R.; Spiess, Martina R., et al
Oct-2012Spinal cord injury : one-year evolution of motor-evoked potentials and recovery of leg motor function in 255 patientsPetersen, Jens A.; Spiess, Martina; Curt, Armin; Dietz, Volker; Schubert, Martin
Aug-2012Unexpected recovery after robotic locomotor training at physiologic stepping speed : a single-case designSpiess, Martina R.; Jaramillo, Jeffrey P.; Behrman, Andrea L.; Teraoka, Jeffrey K.; Patten, Carolynn
May-2017Upper limb recovery in spinal cord injury : involvement of central and peripheral motor pathwaysPetersen, Jens A.; Spiess, Martina; Curt, Armin; Weidner, Norbert; Rupp, Rüdiger, et al