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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2008A segmentation approach in novel real time 3D plant recognition systemSeatovic, Dejan
2015Analysis of necessary sensor spatial resolution for reliable plant detectionSeatovic, Dejan; Mure-Dubois, James
2014Analysis of off-the-shelf stereo camera system bumblebee XB3 for the fruit volume and leaf area estimationSeatovic, Dejan; Meiser, Vincent; Brand, Martin; Scherly, Daniel
2010Automatic weed detection and treatment in grasslandsSeatovic, Dejan; Kutterer, Hansjörg; Anken, Thomas
2007Automatisches Unkrautbehandlungssystem basierend auf 3D PflanzenerkennungGrüninger, Rolf; Seatovic, Dejan
2014Autonomous unmanned ground vehicle as sensor carrier for agricultural survey tasksMeiser, Vincent; Hesselbarth, Hanfried; Henke, René; Rotach, Toby; Seatovic, Dejan
2011Ergonomic Touch-Less Control of SCATh ApplicationSeatovic, Dejan; Meiser, Vincent
2008Formerkennung und Klassifizierung On-The-Fly in 3D-Punktewolken für mobile Roboter zur PflanzenbehandlungSeatovic, Dejan; van de Venn, Hans Wernher
2013Methods for real time plant detection in 3-D point cloudsKutterer, Hansjörg; Sörgel, Uwe; Schwarz, Willfried; van de Venn, Hans Wernher; Seatovic, Dejan
2014Sensors requirements for robust single plant detection in real timeSeatovic, Dejan; Meiser, Vincent; Scherly, Daniel
2011Smart catheterization : a framework for real time catheter navigation systemSeatovic, Dejan
2011Software platform for multiple sensor integration and visualization of interventional procedures in catheter guidanceMeiser, Vincent; Seatovic, Dejan
2013System integration : a comparison of the scath and the cascade system architectureMeiser, Vincent; Seatovic, Dejan