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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2008A battery-less switch for use in 802.15.4 / ZigBee applicationsMeli, Marcel; Bluem, Alex
2009A touch and pair system for battery-free 802.15.4/ZigBee home automation networksCondrau, D.; Zimmerman, L.; Gysel, M.; Wuerms, M.; Meli, Marcel
2013Accelerometer-based wireless remote control powered with harvested energyMeli, Marcel
11-Nov-2020Achieving energy autonomy for LPWAN nodesMeli, Marcel
2012Advertising position with battery-less Bluetooth low energyMeli, Marcel; Wuerth, Michael
2016Affordable energy autonomous wireless sensor for day and nightMeli, Marcel; Hegetschweiler, Lukas
2019AMANDA : an autonomous self-powered miniaturized smart sensing embedded systemKouzinopoulos, Charalampos S.; Vujicic, Oskar; Tzovaras, Dimitrios; Bembnowicz, Pawel; Meli, Marcel, et al
2008Asynchronous wake-up scheme for wireless light curtainsBenoît, David; Almer, Daniel; Würms, Martin; Meli, Marcel; Käser, Hans
10-Nov-2020Autonomous wireless sensors for walls and bridgesMeli, Marcel; Maij, Benjamin
3-Mar-2021Battery-free LPWAN nodes for bridges and wallsMeli, Marcel; Maij, Benjamin
2011Battery-less sensor nodes for 802.15.4/ZigBee wireless networksMeli, Marcel; Da Silva, Marcel
29-Apr-2023Batteryless sensor devices for underground infrastructure : a long-term experiment on urban water pipesBöbel, Manuel; Frei, Fabian; Blumensaat, Frank; Ebi, Christian; Meli, Marcel Louis, et al
2008Bidirectional 868/915 MHz wireless module powered with energy harversterMeli, Marcel; Blättler, Samuel; Gysel, Martin; Kunz, Valentin
2014BLE compatible low power window sensor for energy managementRion, Olivier; Meli, Marcel
2013Bluetooth low energy everywhere : using the audio interface to bring Ble features to any smart phoneMeli, Marcel; Truninger, Dominique; Rüst, Andreas; Häring, Benjamin
2015Bringing down the cost of energy harvesting powered bluetooth smart tags by using LEDs as energy scavengersMeli, Marcel
Nov-2018Comparing the energy requirements of bluetooth smart devices (November 2018)Brütsch, Manuel; Brülisauer, Cornel; Widmer, Lukas; Kräuchi, Raphael; Truninger, Dominique, et al
2014Comparing the energy requirements of current Bluetooth Smart solutionsBernegger, Jachen; Meli, Marcel
2016Comparing the energy requirements of current bluetooth smart solutions (February 2016)Gugg, Mathias; Brütsch, Manuel; Brülisauer, Cornel; Meli, Marcel
2008Connecting IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee devices in difficult physical EnvironmentsGysel, Martin; Meli, Marcel