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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
May-2014Coffee based polyphenols with potential in skin care : antioxidant activity and skin penetration assessed by in vivo Raman spectroscopyHuber, Petra; Adlhart, Christian; Luginbühl, Vera; Morf, Fabienne; Opitz, Sebastian, et al
2011Fotodynamische Diagnostik und Therapie von malignen HirntumorenLuginbühl, Vera; Albert, Ina; Hefti, Martin
May-2018Intracellular drug delivery : potential usefulness of engineered Shiga toxin subunit B for targeted cancer therapyLuginbühl, Vera; Meier, Nicolas; Kovar, Karin; Rohrer, Jack
2014(Metallo)porphyrins as potent phototoxic anti-cancer agents after irradiation with red lightAntoni, PM; Naik, A; Albert, Ina; Rubbiani, R; Gupta, S, et al
2012Phenytoin reduces 5-aminolevulinic acid-induced protoporphyrin IX accumulation in malignant glioma cellsHefti, Martin; Albert, Ina; Luginbühl, Vera
2014Physiological oxygen concentration alters glioma cell malignancy and responsiveness to photodynamic therapy in vitroAlbert, Ina; Hefti, Martin; Luginbühl, Vera
2017Production of drug-delivery systems with Ibuprofen through encapsulation in nanofibers and -particles with core-shell architectureAdlhart, Christian; Luginbühl, Vera; Sigg, Jérôme
2011Susceptibility to 5-aminolevulinic acid based photodynamic therapy in WHO I meningioma cells corresponds to ferrochelatase activityHefti, Martin; Holenstein, Fabian; Albert, Ina; Looser, Herbert; Luginbühl, Vera