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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Mar-2021A healthier beverage choice is based on a subjective assessment of sweet tasteReijnen, Ester; Kühne, Swen J.; Ritter, Reto
Jan-2021Appliance-based solar certificates : a new way of going greenKühne, Swen Jonas; Reijnen, Ester; Ritter, Reto
6-Jul-2022Buy solar, get cash back : do rebate description of subsidies influence your electricity choice?Kühne, Swen J.; Reijnen, Ester
2021Can CO2e labels encourage green food choices?Kühne, Swen Jonas; Reijnen, Ester; Laasner Vogt, Lea; Baumgartner, Melanie
2019Choosing or rejecting a food item, does framing matter? And what has sugar to do with it!Reijnen, Ester; Kühne, Swen Jonas; Stöcklin, Markus; Wolfe, Jeremy M.
14-May-2022Do visual aids on medication packages make your drug use safer?Laasner Vogt, Lea; Kühne, Swen J.; Reijnen, Ester
11-Nov-2022Does unpacking the carbon footprint affect travel choices?Kühne, Swen J.; Reijnen, Ester; Bremermann-Reiser, Sabine M.
2016Energy efficient technology - badly communicated : the importance of energy label designKühne, Swen Jonas; Hackenfort, Markus; Reijnen, Ester
2017It's time to switch: when do consumers switch to more energy-efficient appliancesKühne, Swen Jonas; Hackenfort, Markus; Reijnen, Ester
2022Labels affect food choices, but in what ways?Kühne, Swen J.; Reijnen, Ester; Granja, Gracinda; Hansen, Rachel S.
2019Nudged to a menu position: the role of “I’m Loving It”!Reijnen, E.; Kühne, S. J.; von Gugelberg, H. M.; Crameri, A.
2020Nudging healthy food and sustainable choicesOpwis, Klaus; Reijnen, Ester; Kühne, Swen J.
2022Well-designed medical pictograms accelerate searchReijnen, Ester; Laasner Vogt, Lea; Fiechter, Jan P.; Kühne, Swen J.; Meister, Nadine, et al
2019When too few is bad for the environment : choice set size and default effects for electricity productsKühne, Swen Jonas; Reijnen, Ester; Crameri, Aureliano