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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2011Best practices in heterotrophic high-cell-density microalgal processes : achievements, potential and possible limitationsBumbak, Fabian; Cook, Stella; Zachleder, Vilém; Hauser, Silas; Kovar, Karin
4-May-2010Combined use of fluorescent dyes and flow cytometry to quantify the physiological state of Pichia pastoris during the production of heterologous proteins in high-cell-density fed-batch culturesHyka, Petr; Züllig, Thomas; Ruth, Claudia; Looser, Verena; Meier, Christian, et al
25-May-2015Cultivation strategies to enhance productivity of Pichia pastoris : a reviewLooser, Verena; Brühlmann, Béla; Bumbak, Fabian; Stenger, Chantal; Costa, Merixtell, et al
27-Jan-2017Effects of glycerol supply and specific growth rate on methanol-free production of CALB by P. pastoris : functional characterisation of a novel promoterLooser, Verena; Lüthy, Dominik; Straumann, Marcel; Hecht, Katrin; Melzoch, Karel, et al
5-Oct-2005Flow-cytometric detection of changes in the physiological state of E. coli expressing a heterologous membrane protein during carbon-limited fedbatch cultivationLooser, Verena; Hammes, Frederik; Keller, Markus; Berney, Michael; Kovar, Karin, et al
May-2018Intracellular drug delivery : potential usefulness of engineered Shiga toxin subunit B for targeted cancer therapyLuginbühl, Vera; Meier, Nicolas; Kovar, Karin; Rohrer, Jack
2014Mikroalgen im Einsatz für die Schönheit : Forschungskooperationen mit der ZHAW am Beispiel IBT und ILGI (Input-Referat)Huber, Petra; Kovar, Karin
2020Production and secretion dynamics of prokaryotic Penicillin G acylase in Pichia pastorisBorčinová, Martina; Raschmanová, Hana; Zamora, Iwo; Looser, Verena; Marešová, Helena, et al
1-Nov-2010Recombinant yeast technology at the cutting edge : robust tools for both designed catalysts and new biologicalsKovar, Karin; Looser, Verena; Hyka, Petr; Merseburger, Tobias; Meier, Christian
2019Single-cell approach to monitor the unfolded protein response during biotechnological processes with pichia pastorisRaschmanová, Hana; Zamora, Iwo; Borčinová, Martina; Meier, Patrick; Weninger, Astrid, et al
29-May-2010Variable production windows for porcine trypsinogen employing synthetic inducible promoter variants in Pichia pastorisRuth, Claudia; Zuellig, Thomas; Mellitzer, Andrea; Weiss, Roland; Looser, Verena, et al