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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2-Jun-2014Arbeitslosenquote in zehn Jahren halbiertKendzia, Michael Jan
1-Apr-2013Combining the entry of young people in the labour market with the retention of older workers? : studyEichhorst, Werner; Boeri, Tito; Braga, Michaela; De Coen, An; Galasso, Vincenzo, et al
2015Cross marketing in swiss tourism : manus manum lavatKendzia, Michael Jan; Steinmann, Cary
2019Developing world-class teamwork skills : an applied approachSchär, Fabio; Kendzia, Michael J.
12-Apr-2016Facing the challenges of the digital revolution : implications for the organization of work and the development of management techniquesKendzia, Michael Jan
2022Financial literacy among the youth in SwitzerlandKendzia, Michael Jan; Borrero, Yoan Suozzi
2014How to combine the entry of young people in the labour market with the retention of older workers?Eichhorst, Werner; Boeri, Tito; De Coen, An; Galasso, Vincenzo; Kendzia, Michael Jan, et al
25-Dec-2022Management roles and leadership skills to attract venture capital in SwitzerlandEugster, Robin; Kendzia, Michael J.
2023Management techniques for value investorsHausmann, Alexis M; Kendzia, Michael J
2013Neue Anforderungen durch den Wandel der Arbeitswelt : Kurzexpertise für die Enquete-Kommission “Wachstum, Wohlstand, Lebensqualität” des Deutschen BundestagesEichhorst, Werner; Kendzia, Michael Jan; Schneider, Hilmar; Buhlmann, Florian
2020Preventing corporate turnarounds through an early warning systemOehninger, Ramon; Kendzia, Michael Jan; Scherrer, Felix
Jun-2022Rise of the Indian middle class and its impact on the labor marketEggimann, Andres; Kendzia, Michael Jan
2019Shaping the world : why do female students graduate more often than male students in OECD member states?Kendzia, Michael Jan; Dorninger, Katja
2013Social protection rights of economically dependent self-employed workersEichhorst, Werner; Braga, Michela; Famira-Mühlberger, Ulrike; Gerard, Maartens; Horvath, Thomas, et al
2019Technological advances and the changing nature of work : deriving a future skills setDanuser, Yasmin; Kendzia, Michael J.
2018The digital revolution and the organization of work : contemporary management techniquesKendzia, Michael Jan; Björck, Albena
2013The role and activities of employment agenciesEichhorst, Werner; Braga, Michela; Broughton, Andrea; de Coen, An; Culot, Henri, et al
2021The sharing-exchange continuum inside of the sharing economyLee, Philipp; Kendzia, Michael J.
2014Weniger ArbeitsloseKendzia, Michael Jan
23-Sep-2016Workforce segmentation in Germany : from the founding era to the present timeEichhorst, Werner; Kendzia, Michael Jan