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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2021Age-related development of self-regulation : evidence on stability and change in action orientationBettschart, Martin; Wolf, Benjamin M.; Herrmann, Marcel; Brandstätter, Veronika
2019Downgrading goal-relevant resources in action crises : the moderating role of goal reengagement capacities and effects on well-beingHerrmann, Marcel; Brandstätter, Veronika; Wrosch, Carsten
5-Sep-2023Herausforderungen und Ressourcen bei der Bewältigung des SehverlustsRey, Roman; Wallimann, Siril; Herrmann, Marcel
2022How self-awareness is connected to less experience of action crises in personal goal pursuitKreibich, Antonia; Wolf, Benjamin Mario; Bettschart, Martin; Ghassemi, Mirjam; Herrmann, Marcel, et al
2021Investigating the Unified Motive Scales : the predictive validity of the achievement motive subscaleBettschart, Martin; Herrmann, Marcel; Wolf, Benjamin M.; Brandstätter, Veronika
2018Mehr Motivation im CATI-CenterHerrmann, Marcel; Wolf, Benjamin Mario; Zentner, Dietmar; Degen, Eve; Brandstätter, Veronika
2021The dynamics of doubt : short-term fluctuations and predictors of doubts in personal goal pursuitGhassemi, Mirjam; Wolf, Benjamin M.; Bettschart, Martin; Kreibich, Antonia; Herrmann, Marcel, et al
Sep-2019The seed of goal-related doubts : a longitudinal investigation of the roles of failure and expectation of success among police trainee applicantsBettschart, Martin; Herrmann, Marcel; Wolf, Benjamin M.; Brandstätter, Veronika
21-Feb-2020Zweifelsfrei in den Polizeidienst: Eine Studie zu Zweifeln am Berufsziel «Polizist*in» im Bewerbungs- und AusbildungsprozessBettschart, Martin; Wolf, Benjamin; Herrmann, Marcel; Brandstätter, Veronika