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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2000Aquakultur Otelfingen : eine biologische Kläranlage zur Produktion von BiomasseGraber, Andreas; Junge, Ranka; Mathis, Alex
2009Aquaponic systems : nutrient recycling from fish wastewater by vegetable productionGraber, Andreas; Junge, Ranka
2014Aquaponics in classrooms as a tool to promote system thinkingJunge, Ranka; Wilhelm, Sandra; Hofstetter, Urs; Graber, Andreas
2014Building integrated food productionJunge, Ranka; Mathis, Alex; Graber, Andreas
2011Closing water, nutrient and energy cycles within cities by urban farms for fish and vegetable productionGraber, Andreas; Schönborn, Andreas; Junge, Ranka
2009Elimination of phenols, ammonia and cyanide in wash water from biomass gasification, and nitrogen recycling using planted trickling filtersGraber, Andreas; Skvarc, Robert; Junge, Ranka
2005Forschungsprojekt AlgenrasenfilterGraber, Andreas; Junge, Ranka
2013Hydrothermal carbonization of organic material with low dry matter content : the example of waste wheyEscala, Marina; Graber, Andreas; Junge, Ranka; Koller, Christoph; Guiné, V., et al
Aug-2014Life cycle assessment of urban farming production in aquaponicGisler, Peter; Graber, Andreas; Stucki, Matthias
May-2017Microbial diversity in different compartments of an aquaponics systemSchmautz, Zala; Graber, Andreas; Jaenicke, Sebastian; Goesmann, Alexander; Junge, Ranka, et al
2001Naturnah klärenJunge, Ranka; Graber, Andreas
2008Die neue Vertikalbekanntmachung : ein Leitfaden für PraktikerKrauskopf, Patrick; Graber, Andreas
2016Potential for combined biocontrol activity against fungal fish and plant pathogens by bacterial isolates from a model aquaponic systemSirakov, Ivaylo Nikolaev; Lutz, Matthias; Graber, Andreas; Mathis, Alex; Staykov, Yordan, et al
2013Potential of algae turf scrubbers (ATS™) for elimination of phosphorus from swimming pondsGraber, Andreas; Leiblein, Thomas; Refardt, Dominik; Junge, Ranka
2014The multifunctional aquaponic system at ZHAW used as research and training labGraber, Andreas; Antenen, Nadine; Junge, Ranka
2014The potential of aquaponics for food production in the cities of the futureJunge, Ranka; Graber, Andreas
2016Tomato productivity and quality in aquaponics : comparison of three hydroponic methodsSchmautz, Zala; Loeu, Fionna; Liebisch, Frank; Graber, Andreas; Mathis, Alex, et al
2014UF001 LokDepot, Basel : the first commercial rooftop aquaponic farm in SwitzerlandGraber, Andreas; Durno, Mark; Gaus, Roman; Mathis, Alex; Junge, Ranka
2009Umsiedlung von Dohlenkrebsbeständen (Austropotamobius pallipes) im Kanton Basel-Landschaft (Schweiz)Babbi, Manuel; Graber, Andreas; Küry, Daniel
2004Wastewater treatment in the urban environmentJunge, Ranka; Graber, Andreas