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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1-Dec-2017All roads lead to Rome : internationalization pathways of family-owned SMEsStieg, Philipp; Hora, Wolfgang; Niemand, Thomas; Kraus, Sascha; Filser, Matthias
2015Coopetition research : towards a better understanding of past trends and future directionsGast, Johanna; Filser, Matthias; Gundolf, Katherine; Kraus, Sascha
2019Ecosystem innovation : dimensions, essentials and measures for successful collaborationsBeckenbauer, Angela; Filser, Matthias; Hösli, Kathrin
27-Dec-2017Entrepreneurial orientation : the dark triad of executive personalityKraus, Sascha; Berchtold, Jennifer; Palmer, Carolin; Filser, Matthias
31-Mar-2014Entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance : a comparative study of Austria, Liechtenstein and SwitzerlandFilser, Matthias; Eggers, Fabian
11-Jul-2019Entrepreneurial orientation in sports entrepreneurship : a mixed methods analysis of professional soccer clubs in the German-speaking countriesHammerschmidt, Jonas; Eggers, Fabian; Kraus, Sascha; Jones, Paul; Filser, Matthias
20-Aug-2019Entrepreneurship as catalyst for sustainable development : opening the black boxFilser, Matthias; Kraus, Sascha; Roig-Tierno, Norat; Kailer, Norbert; Fischer, Ulrike
3-Oct-2017Family firm configurations for high performance : the role of entrepreneurship and ambidexterityHughes, Mathew; Filser, Matthias; Harms, Rainer; Kraus, Sascha; Chang, Man-Ling, et al
1-Nov-2016Family firm internationalization : a configurational approachKraus, Sascha; Mensching, Helge; Calabrò, Andrea; Cheng-Feng, Cheng; Filser, Matthias
3-May-2016Innovation in family firms : examining the inventory and mapping the pathFilser, Matthias; Brem, Alexander; Gast, Johanna; Kraus, Sascha; Calabrò, Andrea
15-Feb-2015International Entrepreneurship: zum State-of-the-Art der betriebswirtschaftlichen ForschungFilser, Matthias; Cesinger, Beate; Kraus, Sascha
18-Feb-2012Management research and religion : a citation analysisFilser, Matthias
2013Mapping the field of family business research : past trends and future directionsXi, Jing; Kraus, Sascha; Filser, Matthias; Kellermanns, Franz W.
22-Mar-2013Psychological aspects of succession in family business managementFilser, Matthias; Kraus, Sascha; Märk, Stefan
28-Apr-2013Social entrepreneurship : an exploratory citation analysisKraus, Sascha; Filser, Matthias; O'Dwyer, Michele; Shaw, Eleanor
29-Mar-2018Socioemotional wealth and innovativeness in small- and medium-sized family enterprises : a configuration approachGast, Johanna; Filser, Matthias; Rigtering, Coen J.P.; Harms, Rainer; Kraus, Sascha, et al
1-Jul-2013Strategic issues in entrepreneurship and family business researchStam, Erik; Bahlmann, Tineke; Hytti, Ulla; Kautonen, Teemu; Filser, Matthias
4-Dec-2017Strong ties, personality, and legitimacy of entrepreneurs : the case of private physiciansGundolf, Katherine; Cesinger, Beate; Géraudel, Mickaël; Filser, Matthias
2019The big leap from science to businessMüller, Adrian; Filser, Matthias; Graziano, Benjamin
15-Mar-2014The effect of financial resource availability on entrepreneurial orientation, customer orientation and firm performance in an international context an empirical analysis from Austria and HungaryFilser, Matthias; Eggers, Fabian; Kraus, Sascha; Málovics, Éva