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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Sep-2022A standardizeable framework enabling DME/DME to support RNPOsechas, Okuary; Zampieri, Gianluca; Weaver, Brandon; Felux, Michael; Dehaynain, Christophe, et al
Jan-2022Airborne ionospheric gradient monitoring for dual-frequency GBASGerbeth, Daniel; Caamano, Maria; Circiu, Mihaela-Simona; Felux, Michael
1-Dec-2020Combined multilateration with machine learning for enhanced aircraft localizationFiguet, Benoit; Monstein, Raphael; Felux, Michael
Jan-2021Final results on airborne multipath models for dualconstellation dual-frequency aviation applicationsCirciu, Mihaela-Simona; Caizzone, Stefano; Enneking, Christoph; Fohlmeister, Friederike; Rippl, Markus, et al
Sep-2022Flight testing GBAS for UAV operationsFelux, Michael; Jochems, Sophie; Schnüriger, Philipp; Fischer, Valentin; Steiner, Patrick, et al
Apr-2021Flight trial demonstration of secure GBAS via the L-band digital aeronautical communications system (LDACS)Maurer, Nils; Graupl, Thomas; Bellido-Manganell, Miguel A.; Mielke, Daniel M.; Filip-Dhaubhadel, Alexandra, et al
Jan-2022GBAS use cases beyond what was envisioned – drone navigationJochems, Sophie; Felux, Michael; Schnüriger, Philipp; Jäger, Michael; Sarperi, Luciano
25-Oct-2022Impact of GNSS outage on mid-air collisionFiguet, Benoit; Waltert, Manuel; Monstein, Raphael; Felux, Michael
Apr-2022Impact of GNSS-band radio interference on operational avionicsOsechas, Okuary; Fohlmeister, Friederike; Dautermann, Thomas; Felux, Michael
Sep-2021Impact of RFI on GNSS and avionics : a view from the cockpitOsechas, Okuary; Felux, Michael; Fohlmeister, Friederike; Dautermann, Thomas
29-Nov-2022Localization of interrogators with a 1030/1090 MHz spectrum monitoring systemSarperi, Luciano; Jäger, Michael; Müller, Pascal; Felux, Michael
11-Feb-2021Network‐based ionospheric gradient monitoring to support GBASCaamano, Maria; Juan, José Miguel; Felux, Michael; Gerbeth, Daniel; González‐Casado, Guillermo, et al