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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
30-Aug-2006A global Newton method for nonsmooth Lipschitz equationsBütikofer, Stephan
4-Sep-2008A globalized nonsmooth Newton Method, applications and numerical resultsBütikofer, Stephan; Klatte, Diethard
2010A nonsmooth Newton method with path search and its use in solving $C^{1,1}$ programs and semi-infinite problemsBütikofer, Stephan; Klatte, Diethard
Apr-2019Automatisierte Linienplanung im öffentlichen VerkehrBütikofer, Stephan; Köchli, Joël; Frick, Kevin; Weber, Christoph
2014Customers as investment objects : a new perspective on marketingHeitz, Christoph; Bütikofer, Stephan; Dettling, Marcel
12-Sep-2018Development of a consistent approach for inventory control of Unit Load Devices (ULD) in international air transportationBütikofer, Stephan; Hofer, Christoph
8-Oct-2018Development of a prototype for the automated generation of timetable scenarios specified by the transport service intentionWüst, Raimond; Gomez, Claudio; Ess, Severin; Steiner, Albert; Bütikofer, Stephan
22-Aug-2022Efficient timetable stability analysis using a graph contraction procedureBütikofer, Stephan; Fontana, Dominik; Steiner, Albert; Wüst, Raimond
21-Nov-2021Evaluation of the delay management potential on a macroscopic levelGioia, Stefano; De Martinis, Valerio; Bütikofer, Stephan; Wüst, Reimond Matthias
2016Extension and application of a general pickup and delivery model for evaluating the impact of bundling goods in an urban environmentBütikofer, Stephan; Steiner, Albert
2008Generalized Newton type methods for nonsmooth equations in optimization and complementarity problemsKlatte, Diethard; Lüthi, Hans-Jakob; Bütikofer, Stephan
2015Generation of interactive questionnaires using YAWL-based workflow modelsWüst, Raimond Matthias; Bütikofer, Stephan; Spielberger, Jürgen; Sigrist, Jörg
Dec-2019Generation of the transport service offer with application to timetable planning considering constraints due to maintenance workWüst, Raimond Matthias; Bütikofer, Stephan; Köchli, Joël; Ess, Severin
2008Globalizing a nonsmooth Newton method via nonmonotone path searchBütikofer, Stephan
13-Aug-2007Globalizing a nonsmooth Newton method via path searchKlatte, Diethard; Bütikofer, Stephan
28-Aug-2007Globalizing a nonsmooth Newton method via path searchBütikofer, Stephan
18-Sep-2007Globalizing a nonsmooth Newton method via path searchBütikofer, Stephan
17-Nov-2008Globalizing a nonsmooth Newton method via path search, invited presentation at ETH Zurich: Optimization and Applications Seminar, Zurich, 17 November 2008Bütikofer, Stephan
9-Apr-2008Globalizing a nonsmooth Newton method via path search, invited presentation at University of Graz : SFB Colloquium, Graz, 9 April 2008Bütikofer, Stephan
Jun-2019Improvement of maintenance timetable stability based on iteratively assigning event flexibility in FPESPWüst, Raimond Matthias; Bütikofer, Stephan; Ess, Severin; Gomez, Claudio; Steiner, Albert, et al