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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2022A collaborative journey towards the late‐stage functionalization of added‐value chemicals using engineered halogenasesBüchler, Johannes; Hegarty, Eimear; Schroer, Kirsten; Snajdrova, Radka; Turner, Nicholas J., et al
18-Jan-2022Algorithm-aided engineering of aliphatic halogenase WelO5* for the asymmetric late-stage functionalization of soraphensBüchler, Johannes; Malca, Sumire Honda; Patsch, David; Voss, Moritz; Turner, Nicholas J., et al
2017An appreciation of biocatalysis in the Swiss manufacturing environmentBuller, Rebecca; Hecht, Katrin; Mirata, Marco Antonio; Meyer, Hans-Peter
2021Asymmetric cation-olefin monocyclization by engineered squalene-hopene cyclasesEichenberger, Michael; Hüppi, Sean; Patsch, David; Aeberli, Natalie; Berweger, Raphael, et al
2021Biocatalysis and biosynthesisBuller, Rebecca
2020Biocatalysis in the Swiss manufacturing environmentHecht, Katrin; Meyer, Hans-Peter; Wohlgemuth, Roland; Buller, Rebecca
Feb-2020Characterization of the novel ene reductase Ppo-Er1 from paenibacillus polymyxaAregger, David; Peters, Christin; Buller, Rebecca
2021Chemistry roadmap for research infrastructures 2025-2028 by the Swiss chemistry communityBuller, Rebecca; Coperét, Christophe; Emsley, Lyndon; Gademann, Karl; Hari, Yvonne, et al
2012Computational design of catalytic dyads and oxyanion holes for ester hydrolysisRichter, Florian; Blomberg, Rebecca; Khare, Sagar D.; Kiss, Gert; Kuzin, Alexandre P., et al
2013De novo enzymes by computational designKries, Hajo; Blomberg, Rebecca; Hilvert, Donald
2008Design of a highly specific and noninvasive biosensor suitable for real-time in vivo imaging of mercury (II) uptakeChapleau, Richard R.; Blomberg, Rebecca; Ford, Peter C.; Sagermann, Martin
2022Development of an ene reductase-based biocatalytic process for the production of flavor compoundsPapadopoulou, Athena; Peters, Christin; Borchert, Sonja; Steiner, Kerstin; Buller, Rebecca
2019Directed evolution of carbon–hydrogen bond activating enzymesFrey, Raphael; Hayashi, Takahiro; Buller, Rebecca
2019Ene-reductases in pharmaceutical chemistryHecht, Katrin; Buller, Rebecca
21-Apr-2022Engineering Fe(II)/α-ketoglutarate-dependent halogenases and desaturasesPapadopoulou, Athena; Meyer, Fabian; Buller, Rebecca M.
Sep-2019Enzymatic PET degradationPapadopoulou, Athena; Hecht, Katrin; Buller, Rebecca
2022Enzyme engineering enables inversion of substrate stereopreference of the halogenase WelO5*Voss, Moritz; Hüppi, Sean; Schaub, Daniela; Hayashi, Takahiro; Ligibel, Mathieu, et al
Oct-2019Evolved aliphatic halogenases enable regiocomplementary C‐H functionalization of an added‐value chemicalHayashi, Takahiro; Ligibel, Mathieu; Sager, Emine; Voss, Moritz; Hunziker, Jürg, et al
Oct-2019Evolvierte aliphatische Halogenasen ermöglichen die regiokomplementäre C‐H‐Funktionalisierung einer hochwertigen ChemikalieHayashi, Takahiro; Ligibel, Mathieu; Sager, Emine; Voss, Moritz; Hunziker, Jürg, et al
22-Jan-2020Exploring the biocatalytic potential of Fe/α‐ketoglutarate dependent halogenasesVoss, Moritz; Honda Malca, Sumire; Buller, Rebecca