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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019App launch for customer processes of a real estate companyRockel, Georg; Barth, Linard
2018Baubranche 4.0 : Building Information ModelingBarth, Linard; Heierli, Reto
2019Classifying digital twins : a three-dimensional conceptual reference modelBarth, Linard; Ehrat, Matthias; Fuchs, Rainer
2020Data resources to create digital twinsSchweiger, Lukas; Barth, Linard; Meierhofer, Jürg
2021Development of a smart connected product-service-system (PSS) for the waste management ecosystemBarth, Linard; Sarperi, Luciano; Dettling, Marcel; Meierhofer, Jürg; Bulatovic, Andjela, et al
2017Entwicklung validierter Beratungsdienstleistungen im Product Lifecycle ManagementFuchs, Rainer; Vogt, Helen; Barth, Linard; Gehring, Bettina; Glaunsinger, Senem
2019Exploring the willingness-to-share data of digitized products in B2B manufacturing industriesHoller, Manuel; Vogt, Helen; Barth, Linard
2021I, AR & Myself – Kundenselbstwahrnehmung als Teil der Customer Experience bei Nutzung von Augmented Reality : Applikationen am Beispiel der Beauty-BrancheSchäfer, Wolfgang; Barth, Linard; Yazici, Büsra
2019IT requirements in the real estate sectorRockel, Georg; Barth, Linard
2019Komplexität und Dynamik im Marketing : Swiss Marketing Leadership Studie 2019Heierli, Reto; Furchheim, Pia; Hannich, Frank; Rüeger, Brian; Crowden, Catherine, et al
2021Smart dust for smart(er) industrial product-service-systems : three strategies and their applicationHoller, Manuel; van Giffen, Benjamin; Barth, Linard; Fuchs, Rainer
2017Swiss Marketing Leadership Studie 2017 : Emotionen in einer digitalisierten WeltHüttermann, Marcel; Hannich, Frank; Fuchs, Rainer; Rüeger, Brian; Müller, Steffen, et al
15-Oct-2018Swiss Marketing Leadership Studie 2018 : Geschwindigkeit vs. BeständigkeitRüeger, Brian; Hannich, Frank; Hüttermann, Marcel; Fuchs, Rainer; Suvada, Adrienne, et al
2019Systematization of digital twins : ontology and conceptual frameworkBarth, Linard; Ehrat, Matthias; Rockel, Georg
2020Systematization of digital twins : ontology and conceptual frameworkBarth, Linard; Ehrat, Matthias; Fuchs, Rainer; Haarmann, Jens
2019Trustworthy product lifecycle management using blockchain technology : experience from the automotive ecosystemHoller, Manuel; Barth, Linard; Fuchs, Rainer
2021Value creation with digital twins : framework validation and analysis of further development prioritiesBarth, Linard; Ehrat, Matthias; Holler, Manuel; Fuchs, Rainer
2022Value creation with digital twins in the end-of-lifecycle phase of smart products : applied data resources in academic literatureGaleno, Gianluca; Barth, Linard; Ehrat, Matthias; Demiriz, Umut
2022Value generation in the product lifecycle with digital twins : status quo in Swiss companiesBarth, Linard; Ehrat, Matthias; Galeno, Gianluca; Holler, Manuel; Savic, Nikola
2021Wertgenerierung mit digitalen Zwillingen : Status Quo SchweizBarth, Linard; Savic, Nikola