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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020Active or passive? : companies’ use of the EU ETSSchleich, Joachim; Lehmann, Sascha; Cludius, Johanna; Abrell, Jan; Betz, Regina, et al
2019Buffering volatility : storage investments and technology-specific renewable energy supportAbrell, Jan; Rausch, Sebastian; Streitberger, Clemens
2018Carbon abatement with renewables : evaluating wind and solar subsidies in Germany and SpainAbrell, Jan; Kosch, Mirjam; Rausch, Sebastian
2016Combining price and quantity controls under partitioned environmental regulationAbrell, Jan; Rausch, Sebastian
23-Aug-2021Corporate emissions-trading behaviour during the first decade of the EU ETSAbrell, Jan; Cludius, Johanna; Lehmann, Sascha; Schleich, Joachim; Betz, Regina
22-Apr-2016Cross-country electricity trade, renewable energy and European transmission infrastructure policyAbrell, Jan; Rausch, Sebastian
1-Jan-2016Economic impacts of EU clean air policies assessed in a CGE frameworkVrontisi, Zoi; Abrell, Jan; Neuwahl, Frederik; Saveyn, Bert; Wagner, Fabian
2017Higher price, lower costs? : minimum prices in the EU emissions trading schemeAbrell, Jan; Rausch, Sebastian; Yonezawa, Hidemichi
2017How robust is the uniform emissions pricing rule to social equity concerns?Abrell, Jan; Rausch, Sebastian; Schwarz, Giacomo A.
2019Influence of market structures and market regulation on the carbon market : interim reportAcworth, William; Kuneman, Ernst; La Hoz Theuer, Stephanie; Abrell, Jan; Baer, Julia, et al
2019Integrating economic and engineering models for future electricity market evaluation : a Swiss case studyAbrell, Jan; Eser, Patrick; Garrison, Jared B.; Savelsberg, Jonas; Weigt, Hannes
17-Dec-2014Integrating intermittent renewable wind generation : a stochastic multi-market electricity model for the european electricity marketAbrell, Jan; Kunz, Friedrich
2014Investments in a combined energy network model : substitution between natural gas and electricity?Weigt, Hannes; Abrell, Jan
16-Feb-2016Response to “comment on ‘the global impacts of extreme sea-level rise : a comprehensive economic assessment”’Pycroft, Jonathan; Abrell, Jan; Ciscar, Juan-Carlos
3-Aug-2016Stationarity changes in long-run energy commodity pricesZaklan, Aleksandar; Abrell, Jan; Neumann, Anne
2019The economics of renewable energy supportAbrell, Jan; Rausch, Sebastian; Streitberger, Clemens
2015The global impacts of extreme sea-level rise : a comprehensive economic assessmentPycroft, Jonathan; Abrell, Jan; Ciscar, Juan-Carlos
2016The short and long term impact of Europe's natural gas market on electricity markets until 2050Abrell, Jan; Weigt, Hannes
12-Dec-2018Zur schweizerischen Klimapolitik - wie effizient ist die Bepreisung des fossilen Energieverbrauchs?Abrell, Jan; Betz, Regina; Kosch, Mirjam; Piana, Valentino; Schleiniger, Reto, et al